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New Outhouse Storage Shed SolutionsCheck out our selection!

Structures are available and priced to fit virtually any requirement and budget.

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mini barnAsk About Our Used Selection!

Gently used but very practical for many applications on your property where new isn’t necessary.



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080Convenient Portable Storage

Have a moving container delivered to your door.  Fill it.  Call us. We deliver to your new location.

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Safe & Secure Rental Storage

Our location or yours, we have storage units for whatever your needs are. Secure fencing, camera's and locks provide safe, clean, dry storage. Pricing starts at $37.00 a month!!!

We also offer Tenant insurance for your belongings!!

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What is Rent-to-own?

Rent-to-Own is a No Credit Check and instant approval program.  In the event you do not have the funds to pay the full amount for a building, but can afford low monthly payments Rent-to-Own may be the option for you.


Rent-to-Own gives you the option of owning the building in 24 to 36 months or less.


Can I pay off early?


You have the option of paying the building off at any time during the contract without penalty.  You will receive a 40-45 percent discount on any remaining payments that are not past due.


How do I get started?


It's simple!!! You select your building, complete the contract and pay a 10% security deposit of the total building price  That in turn gets the building delivered to your location.  You will then submit your monthly payments to RTO of America


How much are monthly payments and deposit?


(Does not include Sales Tax)

$1000 Building = $50.50

$2000 Building = $101.01

$3000 Building = $151.52

$4000 Building = $202.02

$5000 Building = $252.53

$6000 building = $303.03


Deposit Requirements:


Take the total purchase price of the building you want and multiply it by 10%.




$1000 purchase price equals $100 Security deposit.


Yes it is that simple


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You can design your very own shed or garage!

You can select as little or as many of the details as you want.  When you sit down with us at one of the Locations in York, Hanover or Gettysburg, we will listen to what you want and make some helpful suggestions.  You select the size, the colors, any options you want and give input into the overall project.  Then your order is given directly to our Amish builder to be built.


An Amish building team of experts will start with your floor...

They will start your building using 4 x 4 pressure treated timbers for even extra durability and floor joists that are 2"x 4"’s -16" on center for added support. If they are building your garage they will move the joists even closer together every 12 inches to support your biggest vehicles with ¾” plywood for added support. Then onto building the walls for your structure.  The team will put up side walls using 2"x4"s spaced every 16 inches for added support.


Then the siding material will go on... 

however you designed it- either an Exterior Vinyl Siding or Sturdy Duratemp T1-11 Wood siding.  Your rafters go on next; again using a full 2x4 centered every 16" apart.  The roofing department takes over then, adding plywood.  Finally, the shingles of your choice or tin are added, using the best in the business- shingles or tin that only come with a 20 year warranty or 25 year warranty for shingles or 30 years if you use tin. 


Your very own structure is almost done... 

Now it's time to add the doors, using only heavy construction grade door with a reinforced frame, with trim on the outside.  Finally if it’s wood, the specific paint color is applied and any options like flower boxes or ramps are included and your shed or garage is all done!


All of our buildings we sell are proudly built by the Amish!!

No one can build a building better than Amish. They take pride in building you the building of your dreams!


One thing we take pride in is we deliver everything we sell... 

If you buy from us we will be delivering to you. No middle man or contractor delivering your building. We want to make sure you are happy with the finished product.